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“La festa del sole 2011” is a pyrotechnic-musical-acrobatic-theatrical format, conceived and organized by Ruggero Pegna
The event that overwhelmed with Air, water, earth, fire and wonder:


The protagonists are all exceptional, starting with the formidable acrobatic company of the Sonics, to the pyrotechnic theater numbers with fairy tale costumes by the actors of the Teatro dell’Atmo; the special and pyrotechnic effects of Parente Fireworks, the water games of the fascinating dancing fountains of Viorica are enchanting. Air, water, earth, fire and wonder, as the subtitle of the event said, together in a phantasmagoric sequence. The idea is wonderful, the various synchronized directions are perfect, the structure of the entire, original show is impressive. Two light designers, Niki Casaboni and Alessio Panbianco. Over one hundred technicians who worked for weeks on the preparation of this event, first in the design phase, then in the executive phase.

Luminous musical fountain of fire