Water Screen

An unconventional screen

An unconventional screen

For us at Viorica, water is the main ingredient of our work.

Manipulate water in all its forms, as a waterfall or as a spray, and tame it to make screens and curtains where we apply special effects to, this is one of the many wonderful games that can explode in an event with Viorica.

The water screen is an installation of very small dimensions to show little visible in the projection area and is made up of finely nebulized water, equipped with image, video, 2D or 3D projection, laser and light effects. The extremely suggestive effect of the images obtained with this system make it particulary suitable for large events, theme parks and private events. An original scenographic tool for business conventions, gala dinners, congress, product launches, new opening, public and private events. Intended for outdoor use and for large spaces: swimming pools, lakes, sea, artificial basins, it is ideal for creating multimedia shows in combination with water and fire games, fireworks or other special effects giving life to a perfect scenographic presence for every occasion.

Viorica gives you, as an added value, a highly specialized technical-professional service: to offer you high performance and high quality standards, satisfying all your expectations with taste.

So, here it happens to be able to attend to the vision of Marilin Monroe who kiss voluptuously Ponte Vecchio’s windows in Florence, or at the appearance of a moon drawn from a thousand rainbow rings, or at the graceful and sinuous Ferragamo signature floating in mid-air.