Water in Time

It’s time to make show

The Water in Times show includes Tsunami Jet, jets that reach 30 meters in height. Exclusive to Viorica.

An unconventional show

When a simple party becomes a show, Viorica enters the scene!

We are adding a new, exclusive and exciting new effect to the already rich “Water in Time” show: the Tsunami Effect!

An unconventional show, where the musical program it’s like a walk trough the time. Water jets and beams of light unleash to the rhythm the most famous movie soundtracks which range from lyric music to classical music to rock’n roll.

Then, a loud gunshot set the beginning of the real show and rips the sky, seizing the attention of the attendance, and bringing their emotions up to 30 meters high. It’s the Tsunami Jet Effect! 

A crescendo of emotions

Water jets that reach an height of 30 meters and produce a sound similar to a shot. The result is an epicenter of strong emotions that falls on the public with all its vital power.

The show includes songs like We Will Rock You Queen,Phantom of the Opera Iron Maiden, Back In Black AC / DC

“Water in Time” is the new frontier of fun, the new format that makes your event in the most envied party ever.