Water curtain

The images take shape

Projections on a special screen

When the image takes shape in the air simply leaning on the water transparency, there are no words to describe the charm that comes to life! The only limit to the possibilities is the imagination, that is to say: zero.

Viorica can play with bidimentional and three-dimentional images thanks to a precious mix of technique, experience and creativity, transforming the surface of a building or a waterfall in a projection.

The water curtain or water screen is easy to install, it can be a perfect decorative element to create cool atmospheres indoors or outdoors, and then, in combination with projections of colored lights, lasers, videos or slide shows, become a valid element of entertainment that transforms your event into the most envied party-night ever.

Our installations are widely used for commercials, television programs, premieres, exhibition stands, conventions, birthdays, weddings, new brand or product launches.

Viorica offers you water screens for hire for a long-term event, or for sale for permanent installations. We create tailor-made for your project and according to your needs.

Contact our headquarters and find out all the details of our great catalog of proposals. Together we will choose the one that best suits your idea of show and capable of enhancing your event and your guests.