The more you dream, the further you will go

We are creators of water shows

Viorica is the evolution of a company that has gained seriousness, professionalism and punctuality in the entertainment sector over the years of presence on the market without ever losing sight of its trends and taste.

Water and Fire Fountains, Curtains and Water Screens, Graphic Walls, Equipment for scenography and water games.

Thanks to a wide range of quality products and the best service we are able to create exclusive solutions for the communication, entertainment and culture sector.

Working with the best companies in the entertainment and advertising sector, and with tourism promotion bodies, we have gained recognition, trust and enjoy an excellent reputation.

The combination of many skills and expertise that becomes a single team, compact and cohesive, capable of fulfill all the dreams of the people, working as a perfect gear. And it is from this daily synergy, done of research, usage of new technologies and the most innovative equipment, and the dedication of its founders, that we give birth to our show and our mission.

Our mission is your passion

A mission that aims always to centre, as the first goal, the satisfaction of customer’s requirements, making any kind of event to became a wonder, and always finding the right balance in the sensitive relationship between the price and the quality.

Viorica… we create unique shows for every occasion

Able to make the difference, we bring our passion, knowledge and dedication to create tailor-made solutions for a live event for celebrations, product launches, inaugurations and anniversaries, gala dinners, luxury weddings, opening ceremonies, festivals and fashion shows . VIORICA’s know-how is simply unique with total control of the water show production process:





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