Private and corporate events

Dare and dream your show

It’s time to make show

Make your event memorable

Make a private party is fantastic, but how much stress to not miss a detail and point to the better!
Make your party a happening and wrap with wonder your guests with magic that only Viorica with its dancing fountains can recreate, creating an atmosphere of dreamy lights and water flirting in the dark with night.

Your must? Be unconventional!

Example? Find out how you can add glamor to your evening with the “Water in Time”, a new exclusive soft-shock event at high-impact cardio.
A show where a mix of famous film scores and soundtracks varing from opera to rock, jets of water and light beams go wild at rythm music.


Want even more?! DARES and dreams YOUR show: we will give shape to your ideas in a wonderful show that will take the curves of your thoughts and will follow the notes of your project, for a unique and unrepeatable party. The dancing fountains of Viorica are the new frontier of fun, the new format that turns your event in the party-night most envied of all time.
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