Pyroaquatic show

The style is not just water

An explosion of emotions

The Pyroacquatic show is a format of Viorica which focuses on the elegance of the Dancing Fountains, the energy of Fire and the spectacular nature of the Pyrotechnic Choreography. An unnatural union of the elements that perform in a harmonic dance and draw a unique scenario. Gushing fountains, volcanoes, pinwheels, evolution of special effects and still many artifices that mirror on the reflective surface of the water multiply the play of color. The fireworks create a hypnotic dance following the rhythm of the fountains, creating plays of light with sparkling reflections that rhythmically change shades and effects.

An explosive and engaging liaison that engages the whole range of emotions of the public, guaranteeing every audience thrilling moments until the end.

An inimitable show

Viorica’s Pyroacquatic Show can revolutionate, with style, every type of event, because can give at your event, in every circumstance, that fresh, original and trendy look, rich of special effects you can’t be tired of.

Contact our Headoffice. Thanks to our pluriannual expertise as leaders in this trade sector, we can recommend the best for your show.

Viorica’s Pyroacquatic Show. The style is not just water.