Fountains production

Fountains tailored to your spaces

All our experience to create your fountain


Viorica offers its know-how in the world of fountains to make perfect choice and installation of your fountain. Nothing is more difficult than making harmonious the design of an environment,that be it internal or external.

Making the choice of the right fountain, the best position to stand out the fountain, calibrate the effect of the water jet and to ensure that all this appears an harmonious complement of your decor is an aesthetic skill absolutely to not reckoned with!

Viorica: the perfect fountain counseling.


Thanks to the consolidated partnership with Alpina Fontane, leader in the sector of competence, Viorica guarantees you the production and supply of the most glam fountain for your event.

A smart collaboration, which allows Viorica to be always updated in market trends and in the preferences of its target. For this it is able to suggest always a palette of proposals spectacular fountains with fixed or with luminous fountains or dancing absolutely up-to-date. The latter, more technically complex, turn out a top of the range, because more successful and decisive in satisfying customer requests, even the most demanding.

You will always be supported by our technical expertise. Each phase is important to us, because the result is what it counts.

Types of fountains

  • Dancing Fountains
  • Fixed Fountains
  • Floor Fountain
  • Interactive Fountains
  • Floating Fountains

Water effects

  • Graphic Wall
  • Waterfalls
  • Water Curtain
  • Water Screen


We are lovers of quality, reliability and safety, which is why we choose components made exclusively with unalterable materials such as stainless steel and bronze that guarantee long life and great reliability over time. Furthermore, the collaboration with leading companies in the field of hydraulics allows us to offer high quality products with a widespread assistance service throughout the world. Your trust is important to us.



  • Fir Jet
  • Foaming Jet
  • Jumping Jet
  • Sphere and Hemisphere jets

Electric pumps for water games


  • Centrifugal electric pumps
  • Submersible drainage pumps
  • Submersible electric pumps
  • Single-stage centrifugal electric pumps



  • Led lighting for floor fountains and fixed fountains
  • RGB led lighting for dancing fountains
  • Cold and warm white LED lighting



  • Water Treatment System
  • Wind control
  • Water level sensor