It's a new reality

Its floating structure adapts to any location. Perfect for creating light and color shows in particular settings.

Fairycubes is an innovative VIORICA project

It ‘a modular bright dancing fountain. Destined to exclusive performances of Water and Fire and multimedia shows for big events. Equipped with an independent floating system, it can also be positioned on lakes, pools or any body of water. Thanks to research and to ‘use of new technologies, dedicated software, and you could get an innovative, versatile and exclusive. Water features with soft movements, fire dancing, all for a result of intense spectacular.


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Fairycubes Fashion Show on the water

The original “Fontane Acqua e Fuoco”

In a wonderful scenery of a lake, Viorica offers a new show “Fairycubes Water Show”, in which, as if by magic, the water comes to life and plays with lights and colors. The reflections underline noble movements of the water that dance firmly, like by notes, then adapt to increasingly insistent rhythms and engage you.

Spouts of water are spinning, weaving, darting and go up to heaven in a whirlwind of emotions that leave the audience full of childlike wonder, and with a feeling of having taken part in an unusual show. In addition to the wonder, there is an element that always contrasts with the water: the fire.
In an alternation of sacred and profane, water and fire are accomplices in a dance that emphasizes rhythm and drag the audience into imparting vitality, strength, warmth and energy.

An explosion of magic, which comes from LED lights, Dancing Fire, Tsunami Jet, Triple Burst, Water Screens, Fans and Pinwheels to create shapes and colors of a powerful artistic dimension, WITHOUT COMPARISONS!
The show can be customized based on the length, the water games that you want to add or multimedia elements: laser effects, water screen projections, pyrotechnic games.