Dancing fountains

Let's create a breathtaking show

The original
“Water and Fire Fountains”

The Viorica brand makes your party or event unforgettable. The Water and Fire shows we offer will leave your audience bewitched by magic. A perfect mix of music, lights and colors; primordial elements such as water and fire come together to form sparkling atmospheres. A Hollywood direction for always trendy entertainment.
Fontane Acqua e Fuoco is a brand that makes deference in the style of the choreographies chosen for the show, in the choice of musical moods, in the perfect synchronicity of the elements that artfully mixes water and fire, in the use of safe and reliable equipment and the team operative that cooperates in synergy and accompanies you with punctuality and precision until the end of the event.

We make you dream in every respect

Why settle for a simple show if you can have more with Viorica?

In this section we propose simple formats such as “Royal“, “Princess“, “Water in Time“, “Christmas Show” or combined shows in combination with the laser show or fireworks such as “Pyroaquatic” and “Music for Live” .

But if you want a personalized show thanks to the production and thanks to our staff, always at your complete disposal, we will be able to plan and create your show together step by step starting from your idea, emphasizing the most significant elements for you and actively participating in its programming. , both in terms of scenographic interventions and duration.

The Viorica exhibitions lend themselves perfectly as sets for conventions, gala dinners, vernissages, exhibitions, live events for celebrations, product launches, inaugurations and anniversaries or more simply, for birthday parties, private parties or weddings. In a word, they are ideal for any occasion that you want to turn into a VIP event.