Express your wish, Viorica will make it come true

Personalized shows

For Viorica the customer comes first. Always.

For this, not only it meets all the expectations of its customers, but anticipates them, always trying to offer a proposal “tailored” to his needs and personal tastes as a tailoring suit.

In fact, thanks to the ability to customize and program the show step by step, from choosing the music playlist to the dynamism of the water jets and the duration of the exhibition, Viorica gives you, as an added value, its technical assistance and advice, always up-to-date.

The customer-friendly show

In addition to design the Dancing Fountains and steady ones, it is also able to program fountains of property, enhancing and adding details that make a big performance. Yours. In this way you can renovate your location, giving a touch of originality never seen before and create a magical and suggestive atmosphere for your events.

Make your wish, Viorica will make it come true!