Water Curtains and Water Screens

All you need is shok!

When the image takes shape in the air simply leaning on the water transparency, there are no words to describe the charm that comes to life! The only limit to the possibilities is the imagination, that is to say: zero.

Viorica can play with bidimentional and three-dimentional images thanks to a precious mix of technique, experience and creativity, transforming the surface of a building or a waterfall in a projector. Manipulate water in all its forms, as a waterfall or as a spray, and tame it to make screens and curtains where we apply special effects to, this is one of the many wonderful games that can explode in an event with Viorica and her dancing fountains. Model the angularity of a building so that it becomes our screen, overturning a location is our daily job.

So, here it happens to be able to attend to the vision of Marilin Monroe who kiss voluptuously Ponte Vecchio’s windows in Florence, or at the appearance of a moon drawn from a thousand rainbow rings, or at the graceful and sinuous Ferragamo signature floating in mid-air.

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