Shows at weddings, municipalities, private parties etc…

“I have a dream… Viorica”
Experience the event of your dreams, choose the shows of Dancing Fountains Viorica.

The brand Viorica make unforgettable your party or your event. The shows of water and fire that we propose will leave your audience bewitched by magic. A perfect mix of music, light and color; primordial elements such as water and fire come together to form frothy atmosphere.

A directing Hollywood, for an entertainment always trendy.

Whether your event is glamorous or metropolitan, Viorica is the ideal choice.

The style of music characterize the spirit of the show. Water and fire dance rhythms to classical or rock, depending on the “mood” exclusive that you want to give to your party.

Create astonishment is our target, the sold-out is assured.

The Dancing Fountains can turn a simple location in a scenario by oscar and give color to any park, garden or square; wherever you are, you will feel like you’re in Las Vegas, opposite the hotel Mirage.

We will bring a show where the water, like an angelic or provocative dancer, will dance between impetuous tongues of fire that stand out against into the sky. Our choreographers of water have created the perfect dance to all genre of music. Which you prefer?

The reliability of the brand Viorica will know how always ensure the fantastic moment of the perfect party and meet all your expectations. Viorica Dancing Fountains deals with all aspects of the organization with a team of technical experts and competent. An operational team that works together to make unique your weddings, private parties or large public events with punctuality and precision.

Why settle for just a simple show if with Viorica you can have more?

Discover our repertoire and turn your event into an unforgettable show.

Viorica: the lights go out, the show begins.

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