Mission and History

In our shows, water and fire, like two lovers who are attracted to the opposite character, may eventually merge into a single being, giving off strong emotions and childlike wonder in those who watch them.

For us at the Viorica Corporate Group, this is our strong point.

The combination of many skills and expertise that becomes a single team, compact and cohesive, capable of fulfill all the dreams of the people, working as a perfect gear. And it is from this daily synergy, done of research, usage of new technologies and the most innovative equipment, and the dedication of its founders, that we give birth to our show and our mission.

A mission that aims always to centre, as the first goal, the satisfaction of customer’s requirements, making any kind of event to became a wonder, and always finding the right balance in the sensitive relationship between the price and the quality.

Viorica performances are perfect as scenography for conventions, gala dinners, vernissage, expositive manifestations or even at simple birthday parties, private parties or weddings. In a word, they are ideal for any occasion that you want to turn into a V.I.P. event.
Thanks to our staff, always available for technical support and open to problem solving, you can build up the show that you’ve always dreamed of, participating actively in its organization, both in terms of directional and scenic interventions.

Viorica. Our mission is your passion.

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