Medieval Show

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Medieval Show

How many times have you open-eyed dreamed to relive past eras?
With Viorica and its Medieval Entertainment, it is possible whenever you want.

For historical re-enactments or for your theme parties, we are able to stage, with punctuality and safety, a show in the medieval style, down to the smallest details. From the atmosphere in ancient castles, or in any other location of your taste, to the original music, we pack for you a show able to recall more distant times full of glamor.

Viorica’s Dancing Fountains, we transform all locations from the park, courtyard or private garden in a typical medieval scenario, while you, living part of the performance, become a spectator of an up-and-down of water sports, stunning fires and inhebriant fumes

with Viorica the time machine is active … and you decide where to go!

An happening that you can choose in base form or in synergy with other representations of dance, drama or fantasy, but it remains the only one at the top of your emotions.

Drum roll. Silence. Deafening roar … Viorica is in the square!

Medieval reenactment  show
the party of Brisighella

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