Fountains Laser Show

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Fountains Laser Show

Want to turn your show into a memorable event?

The answer is unique, as Viorica Laser Show: a performance that mix water, fire and the scenographical power of laser beams on the same stage, overwhelming the public with a parade of emotions and an always new, sparkling show.

Rhythmic movements on evocative soundtracks, and the perfect synchronicity of elements, guarantee effects from start to finish, in a melànge of sounds, laser effects and multicolor lights that overwhelm the senses of each spectator.

A result that does not have comparison means, but explodes always pure passion from the public. And we know Viorica can expertly “tailor” the show on the basis of your idea, style or your specific needs: from the choice of mood music to the dynamics of the event, until the end of the exhibition.

If you want the best in made in Italy entertainment sector, point to the stars;
Choose Viorica. Viorica. The real must of your show.


Dancing Fountains and Laser Show
Show for the Venice Casino

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