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For Viorica the customer comes first. Always.

For this, not only it meets all the expectations of its customers, but anticipates them, always trying to offer a proposal “tailored” to his needs and personal tastes as a tailoring suit.

In fact, thanks to the ability to customize and program the show step by step, from choosing the music playlist to the dynamism of the water jets and the duration of the exhibition, Viorica gives you, as an added value, its technical assistance and advice, always up-to-date. Therefore, in addition to design the Dancing Fountains and steady ones, it is also able to program fountains of property, enhancing and adding details that make a big performance. Yours.

Viorica. The show suitable for the customer.

  • Fendi, 90 years in great style. A magical event.

    Fendi, 90 years in great style. A magical event.

    VIORICA  for  FENDI Fendi celebrated with two amazing and spectacular events, both of which were staged on July 7, their 90-year marriage to fashion. This was done by linking his image to the City of Rome, choosing two landmarks of the capital and with a symbolism of water, starting with an afternoon show on the waters of the Trevi Fountain, restored thanks the contribution of Fendi, and closing a... WATCH CUSTOM EVENT »
    Fountains, red velvet drapes at the Stazione Leopolda for Indian Wedding in Florence

    Fountains, red velvet drapes at the Stazione Leopolda for Indian Wedding in Florence

    Un matrimonio stellare. Stellare, galattico ma anche rivoluzionario nella tradizione indiana con 500 invitati da tutto il mondo.Rohan Mehta, figlio del miliardario indiano Yogesh Mehta, ha sposato la sua Roshni in una sontuosa cerimonia a Firenze Tre giorni di festa.E partita dal Palazzo Gerini con un welcome dinner in stile rinascimentale.Giovedì si è passato agli spazi decisamente underground d... WATCH CUSTOM EVENT »
    Spettacolo Degli Elementi - festa dell'angelo custode

    Spettacolo Degli Elementi - festa dell'angelo custode

    È un format realizzato appositamente per la Festa di Sant’Agata 2011 Piazza Duomo, Catania in collaborazione con Alfredo Vaccalluzzo Lo Spettacolo Degli Elementi stato riproposto e ha riscontrato grande successo in diverse occasioni istituzionali come la Festa dell'Angelo Custode a Priolo (SR) Festa di San Sebastiano 2011 a Melilli, il Premio Arycanda 2011 in Piazza del Plebiscito a Napoli, il X... WATCH CUSTOM EVENT »

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  • New Dancing  Fountains Fairycubes Water and Fire

    New Dancing Fountains Fairycubes Water and Fire

      Viorica presents the New floating fountain Fairycubes - Fifty meters of pure magic !!! Destined to performances of Water and Fire and multimedia shows with video projections on water screens, special effects, lasers and fireworks. Equipped with an independent floating system, it can also be positioned on lakes, pools or any body of water. Thanks to research and to 'use of new technologies, dedicated software, and you could get an innovative, versatile and exclusive. Water features with soft READ ARTICLE

Viorica shows fire and water

spettacoli-vioricaThe combination of many skills and expertise that becomes a single team, compact and cohesive, capable of fulfill all the dreams of the people, working as a perfect gear. And it is from this daily synergy, done of research, usage of new technologies and the most innovative equipment, and the dedication of its founders, that we give birth to our show and our mission. [...]
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