Many years spent on the road to color the squares of hundreds of Italian municipalities, which to date have seen shine in the darkness of night lights projected on the poems of water signed Viorica and its dancing fountains. There is no party that not find, thanks to our dancing fountains, games of water and fire, or in the hard notes of the Rock show (for example) a shock solution, leaving the audience speechless.

Certainly, there is no city, in our country, from north to south, that no matter how unique in its history not find yourself the heat to see at the end of our shows for the municipalities the well-accepted homage to our Italy with an epilogue that will remind long by those who look: the historic Mameli’s anthem.

Ideal as a conclusion at effect especially in public recurring event, the Mameli’s anthem is an evergreen that signature the shows that we offer to municipalities with a timeless elegance, a must of authority that gives due importance to the show.

Viorica, for each country a new amazement.

Spettacolo degli elementi
Piazza del plebiscito di Napoli

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