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The brand Viorica make unforgettable your party or your event. The shows of water and fire that we propose will leave your audience bewitched by magic. A perfect mix of music, light and color; primordial elements such as water and fire come together to form frothy atmosphere. A directing Hollywood, for an entertainment always trendy.

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Viorica’s Fairycubes Water Show. Fairycubes by Viorica. Fashion Show on the water. In a wonderful scenery of a lake, Viorica offers a new show “Fairycubes Water Show”, in which, as if by magic, the water comes to life and plays with lights and colors. The reflections underline noble movements of the water that dance firmly, […]

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Rock Show

Rock Show When jets of water are unleashed without restraint on rock music, capturing the audience with hypnotic visual effects and vibrant energy, then it means that it is on air a live Rock Show. Viorica’s new Rock Show is the newborn of the Maison that you can already define fashion & famous, an explosion […]

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Water in time

Water in time When a simple party becomes a show, Viorica enters the scene! We suggest “Water in Time”“, a new, exclusive, soft-shock thrilling event. An unconventional show where, on a mix of soundtracks from lyric to rock music, water jets and light beams break out at rythm. Then, a loud gunshot set the beginning […]

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Classic Show

Classic Show Elegance is never enough. But when you want to add a touch of involvement, passion and romance then Viorica enters the scene. In fact, with its Classic Entertainment, Viorica offers you the perfect outfit to dress your wishes and turn them to the fairytale event that you had always dreamed of. A show […]

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Princess Show

Princess Show Bidimensional effects and complex shapes come to life from fire and water, the two main characters of “Princess”, Viorica’s perfect royal epilogue for your private event or your wedding. Jets of water splashing as elegant silky wings and plumes of golden fire, as bright dots on the black sky, give to you and […]

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Medieval Show

Medieval Show How many times have you open-eyed dreamed to relive past eras?With Viorica and its Medieval Entertainment, it is possible whenever you want. For historical re-enactments or for your theme parties, we are able to stage, with punctuality and safety, a show in the medieval style, down to the smallest details. From the atmosphere […]

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Mameli’s Anthem

Mameli’s Anthem If you want your private or public event has a spectacular exploits and a surprise effect to scream, you do not have to do is ask. Viorica will respond with a welcome gift offered by his staff, an epilogue that you will long remember from your guests: the historic national anthem. Ideal as […]

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Custom Show

Custom For Viorica the customer comes first. Always. For this, not only it meets all the expectations of its customers, but anticipates them, always trying to offer a proposal “tailored” to his needs and personal tastes as a tailoring suit. In fact, thanks to the ability to customize and program the show step by step, […]

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Fountains Laser Show

Fountains Laser Show Want to turn your show into a memorable event? The answer is unique, as Viorica Laser Show: a performance that mix water, fire and the scenographical power of laser beams on the same stage, overwhelming the public with a parade of emotions and an always new, sparkling show. Rhythmic movements on evocative […]

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Lasershow What’s more amazing and magical beams of colored light that suddenly pierce the darkness? LaserShow Viorica course! The original show, innovative and always trendy, that Viorica thought to brighten of glamour, in your unique style, your very private or public social event. Multicolor laser effects that capture the iris at first glance, stand out […]

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Pyroacquatic Show

Pyroacquatic Show An explosive and addictive that shakes all attendance’s emotions until the end of the exibition. We’re talking about Viorica Pyroaquatic Show, the show where the extraordinary blend of fire and water bewitch the audience, kidnapping in a whiff of magic. Beginning from a silken rythm of mood music and spurts like a soft […]

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  • New Dancing  Fountains Fairycubes Water and Fire

    New Dancing Fountains Fairycubes Water and Fire

      Viorica presents the New floating fountain Fairycubes - Fifty meters of pure magic !!! Destined to performances of Water and Fire and multimedia shows with video projections on water screens, special effects, lasers and fireworks. Equipped with an independent floating system, it can also be positioned on lakes, pools or any body of water. Thanks to research and to 'use of new technologies, dedicated software, and you could get an innovative, versatile and exclusive. Water features with soft READ ARTICLE

Viorica shows fire and water

spettacoli-vioricaThe combination of many skills and expertise that becomes a single team, compact and cohesive, capable of fulfill all the dreams of the people, working as a perfect gear. And it is from this daily synergy, done of research, usage of new technologies and the most innovative equipment, and the dedication of its founders, that we give birth to our show and our mission. [...]
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