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December 14 was the inauguration evening that kicked off the Vodafone Aqua Show event in the Darsena to celebrate the Milan Super Christmas 2019.

Vodafone has renewed its presence in the Darsena which today is an important center for recreation and relaxation in the Navigli area.

And it is precisely in this symbolic place of Milan, the fulcrum of the water route, that the Milanese and tourists were able to attend the Vodafone Aqua Show – a project consisting of evening shows of fountains and water games that danced to the rhythm of music, illuminated by a choreography of lights throughout the basin area. The Vodafone Aqua Show kicked off on Saturday 14 December and ended on Monday 6 January 2020

The structure of the Vodafone Aqua Show covered a length of 80 meters and was divided into hundreds of water jets with a dynamic height from 5 to 40 meters. The show saw alternating “tsunami” jets, which reached a height of 40 m, characterized by an impact sound similar to that of a shot; bidirectional “vertical gust” jets, which with tortiglioni and pinwheels reached up to 16 m in height; and finally, at the heart of the scenography, three vertical jets up to 20m. Lights, colors and flames of fire music have enriched and further enhanced the show, offering the city a moment of entertainment and celebration to celebrate Christmas.

The event was a great success, giving Milan families and tourists a unique show in Italy, which registered over 350,000 spectators.

A show conceived and produced by AADV Entertainment.


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