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At the Royal Palace of Caserta, for the 2016 Christmas holidays, an evocative show of Water and Fire Fountains is staged, full of lights and water games!

“A wonderful show – commented Carlo Marino, mayor of Caserta, on his facebook page – in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Tonight “Natale di Gusto” gave us a show of water games, fire and lights that left us breathless. These are extraordinary and grandiose events that represent a novelty for the city of Caserta. An exceptional and varied “Christmas of Taste”.


The Royal Palace of Caserta is famous for its splendid fountains and in the context of the “Natale di Gusto” exhibition which sees the participation of the Municipality of Caserta and the Chamber of Commerce, we wanted to pay homage to the water games and the illusions created from Vanvitelli in the water way in the park of the palace.

“Fountains Water and Fire” is an innovative show with lights, water games and fire games, which thrilled the Caserta audience

Caserta – The show of Fountains Water and Fire Viorica, proposed yesterday 27 December first at 17 and then at 20 in Piazza Carlo III, was an incredible success. The Royal Palace of Caserta in the background, the contrast between the darkness of the early evening and the extraordinary lights set up and the incredible trajectories drawn by the water games of the fountains created an exceptional scenic effect that allowed the spectators to witness a breathtaking show .

This show is part of a larger event, “Natale di Gusto”, which also includes a life-size Bourbon nativity scene that is arranged in a path of over a kilometer and filled with over 200 figures in period clothing that they will interact with the public.

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