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Fairycubes Viorica for Aspire Wonderland Festival in Doha Qatar with 38 hours of dancing fountain shows with laser shows and projections on water screens on Aspire Lake and 70,000 visitors. Event sponsored by Vodafone Qatar.


Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) concluded its inaugural Aspire Wonderland Festival in Doha amid a crowd of in attendance. The festival is thought to be the first of its kind in Qatar. The festival, organized by the Cels Group, a network of international experts who promote and manage customer experiences, managed to capture the attention of over 70,000 visitors who moved to Aspire Park to enter an imaginary gateway to the world. of fantasy and folk tale. Visitors had the chance to witness a spectacular Viorica dancing water fountain on Lake Aspire. Commenting on the conclusion of the festival, Mr. Nasser Abdullah Al-Hajri, Director of PR and Communications at AZF; said, “We are proud to have welcomed such a large number of visitors to the AZF and the success of using our world-class resources and facilities to serve the community in new and exciting ways.”
Statistics: 70 thousand visitors; 400 LED lights; 310 fonts / designs designed exclusively for the party; 3000 m of electric wires; 20 projectors; 38 hour dancing fountain show on Aspire Lake.

A very successful event experienced and shared also on social networks with numerous posts, confirmed by the newspapers and broadcast live on TV by Al Jazeera.



Inauguration of the dancing luminous fountain in Sochi Russia