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The event is reserved for athletes under 14 who, representing the various Regions, will take part in competitions in 30 different specialties in the facilities and in the open areas of the city and the hinterland. 3 days of events to transform Caserta over 3000 athletes / technicians / companions from all over Italy, more than 20 sports structures involved in the provinces of Caserta and Naples (nautical pole) into a sporting review open to all.

The show in Piazza Carlo 3 ° in front of the Royal Palace closed a day of emotions in the name of sport. On the stage of the show, conducted by Lia Capizzi of Sky Sport 24, the Olympic gold medals from Campania enhanced the contents of the historic day of 9 October. Patrizio Oliva, Angelo Damiano, Davide Tizzano, Franco Porzio, Ferdinando Gandolfi, Luigi Mannelli, Geppino and Marco D’Altrui, Dino Meglio, Ennio Falco, Giuseppe Abbagnale, Imma Cerasuolo (Paralympic), in addition to the adoption bells Melania Grego and Noemi Toth made Italian sporting excellence shine, illuminating with emotions the extraordinary scenery offered by the fireworks and fountains of water and fire in front of the majestic Royal Palace. The rhythmic butterflies, led by Emanuela Maccarani and Marina Piazza, after the recent World Cup silver have closed the circle of a magical day with their applause-snatching performances. Anthem of Italy and the official start of the event. Caserta is celebrating the first CONI Trophy.

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